Design and implementation of the weighing sensor detection system

In view of the situation of weighing sensor, lack of test conditions and equipment, the existing national standard and domestic and foreign some existing weighing sensor detection system on the basis of the use of high strength and high quality metal materials according to the precise production process framework, using high precision sensors, display instrument as standard, coupled with the matching test system software as the core, This paper designs and constructs a new system which can realize the detection of (1 ~ 50)t sensor and electronic crane scale, and fills the gap in this aspect.
The main work is:
1). Research on detection Mode of weighing sensor. Based on the existing model, it is improved to make it more close to the development requirements of modern detection technology.
2). To design the bearing frame of the system, it is required to be able to withstand the force of 50T stably, select the appropriate metal materials, design the force mode of the frame and ensure the stability and reliability in the work.
3). Select the appropriate force source, and make it closely combined with the bearing frame, with stability. The stability of the force source is very high, regardless of the size of the force, its fluctuation value is not greater than 2N.
4). Select standard sensors and gauges. The connection mode of the standard sensor and the detected sensor is designed so that the force direction is in a straight line to improve the accuracy of the system. Improve all kinds of connectors, so that it can detect the electronic crane scale.
5). The design and development of the system software matching with the detection system, mainly using the VisualBasic6.0 development environment, used to complete two work: one is the database development. To pave the way for process control, data entry, and analysis applications. The second is to develop a graphical user interface to display the content of the application. The functional modules of the software are developed and realized, including process monitoring module, parameter setting module, data management module and permission module.
(a) System function development, including the development of main interfaces and main modules of the system.
(b) The description of the original code is illustrated by taking text parameter setting, process collaboration and monitoring, data collection and storage, and data analysis as examples.
(c) Realization of key technologies of the supporting software system of the weighing sensor test system, including realization of data integration interface, customization of parameter setting interface, support for data query, application of system logs, powerful flow engine, hierarchical authorization system, support for rapid customization and development.

Post time: Aug-13-2021