Development trend of weighing scales in the next few years – expert analysis

The products produced in China mainly belong to the weighing instrument used in static weighing apparatus, which has reached the advanced level of similar foreign products in terms of measurement requirements, technical performance, function and appearance, and is lower than similar foreign products in price, with strong export potential; And automatic weighing instrument with dynamic weighing instrument, and similar foreign products there is a certain distance, especially in the dynamic stability of a large gap, China’s imported weighing instrument is mostly this kind of products.
Experts in the industry believe that the development trend of weighing instrument in the next few years is: in performance, to the direction of high speed, high sensitivity, high accuracy, high reliability; In function, to ac and DC dual-use, multi-functional or special function, rich interface, easy to connect with the direction of computer development; In the variety, special, dynamic, automatic on-line weighing instrument and weighing computer will have greater development; In the structure, to miniaturization, portable, vehicle, modular, combined, embedded, wall-mounted direction of development; More beautiful appearance, to humanization, personalized design direction. That kind of simple, moderate price, AC-DC dual weighing instrument will be the mainstream of market sales.

Post time: Apr-20-2022