HF22 Series IP67 Certified Waterproof High-resolution Weight Indicator in Stainless Steel Housing


The high-quality Heavye HF22 series weighing indicator is suited perfectly for static or dynamic weighing tasks. With its full view angle FSTN LCD or LED display, it allows easy and comfortable on-site operations for various industries.
The Heavye HF22 indicator comes with a robust stainless-steel housing and is IP67 certified, which makes it the ideal choice for industrial and legal-for-trade weighing applications in harsh environments or for products with strict hygiene requirements. Industries such as food, pharmaceutical, and chemical will especially benefit from this cutting-edge features.





Product Tags

● SS304 housing and SS304 U-type bracket with IP67 (eqv.) protection
● High contrast 1.0inch/25mm orange LED display
● Super-wide view-angle 1.0inch/25mm LCD display with orange LED backlight
● 7-button flat membrane keypad
● Drives up to 16x 350Ω loadcells
● Built-in 6V/4.0Ah high capacity maintenance-free rechargeable battery
● Structured menu and user-friendly warning messages
● 2 configurable user-defined function keys
● 2 configurable software set-points
● 5-point linearity calibration & zero calibration
● Full duplex RS-232 communication port
● Various software and hardware options

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