HF300 Wireless Weight Indicator with Built-in Stylus Dot-matrix Mini-Printer


The Heavye HF300 indicator is a universal weighing indicator based on wireless communication technology, along with large-scale integrated circuit design, stable and reliable performance, and powerful function.

It conforms to the national standard GB/T 11883-2002 Electronic Crane Scale, and the national metrological verification regulations JJG539-97 Digital Indicator Scale and other related technical requirements, coming with advanced RF data transmission technology, in line with regulations of the National Radio Management Committee. Its bi-directional wireless communication, enables power shut-down synchronously, and user configurable radio frequency through indicator setting with automatic frequency scanning feature.

Its built-in EPSON dot-matrix printer prints out non-washed and durable text and image, which makes it best for various weighing application where data printing is demanded.





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● Carbon-steel structure housing, resistant to impact and electro-magnetic interference. Compact size, suitable for portable use.
● Ultra-wide viewing angle, ultra-wide working temperature segmental LCD display with large and clear characters.
● Built-in white LED backlight, suitable in a dark environment.
● Built-in 6V/4Ah large-capacity maintenance-free rechargeable lead-acid battery for more than 6 working days.
● Instant indication of the indicator battery power and the scale battery power, convenient for users to check to charge in time.
● 16-key membrane keyboard with buzzer prompt for convenient and flexible operation.
● Extremely low error or failure rate, strong anti-interference ability, low power consumption, long-distance communication.
● Stores up to 1000 weighing records, up to 256 goods categories.
● Built-in extremely low power consumption and high precision real-time calendar.
● User-configurable automatic shutdown time and backlight shutdown time.
● Full-duplex RS-232 communication, convenient for external scoreboard, computers, etc.
● Built-in EPSON dot-matrix printer with clear, non-washed-out and long-term storage printing text and image.

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