HF12 Series Large Display High-quality High-resolution Weight Indicator


The Heavye HF12 Series indicator is a single-channel high resolution general purpose weight indicator.

Housed in enhanced ABS plastic enclosure, with a large 6-digit 7-segment LED or LCD display, 6-button front panel keys, built-in high capacity rechargeable battery, as well as easy-to-use user interface, versatile functions, and numerous software and hardware options, it is an ideal weight indicator for various weighing scales and applications, like bench scale, floor scale, check-weigher, counting scale, etc.





Product Tags

● ABS plastic housing
● Stainless steel U-type bracket for pole or wall mounting
● 6-digit 1.2inch/30mm high-intensity LED display
● 6-digit 1.6inch/40mm LCD display with backlight
● Available in 110/115 VAC and 220/230 VAC power supply
● 6-key flat tact switch keypad
● Drives up to 8x 380ohm loadcells
● Built-in 6V/4.0Ah high capacity maintenance-free rechargeable battery
● Structured menu and user-friendly warning messages
● 1 configurable user-defined function key
● 2 configurable software set-points
● Up to 2 full duplex RS-232 communication port
● Various software and hardware options

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