D6 Wireless Crane Scale with Built-in Printer Portable Indicator


Constructed from high-quality carbon steel, the Heavye D6 wireless crane scale features an advanced internal design structure. This design not only provides the product with an unrivalled strength to weight ratio but it also offers the load cell’s and inside electronics total protection, making this crane scale even more suitable for use in the harshest environments.
The D6 wireless crane scale is available in a standard range of capacities up to 50 tons. Larger capacity and application specific designs are also available on request. All electronics are securely shock mounted in a robust enclosure. Additional options are also available for mill and foundry use over high-temperature ladle installations.
With the long range ISM radio frequency, the Heavye D6 wireless crane scale provide an industry-leading wireless range of 1000m.





Product Tags

● Stable communication with open ISM wireless channel. Optional radio frequency, 430MHz, 860MHz, 915MHz, etc.
● Stylus dot-matrix EPSON M150-II embedded, for Chinese, English, numerals and various sign printing.
● Wide temperature range HTN segmental LCD display with white LED backlight, for night use.
● Wireless communication between scale and indicator, easy to operate in distance.
● Quality keypad and beeper, for convenient operations.

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